Training Programmes

"Several training programs are conducted for female bystanders. It includes flower making, ornaments making, bag making etc. These training programmes help them to earn money by doing it as small scale business. This help the family members to meet the outstanding debts made by patients because of alcoholism."

Out reach Programmes

"Awareness is the best method of motivating people against alcohol and drug abuse. We conduct programmes in Schols, Colleges, Churches, youth movement centres etc. to make people aware about the disease concept of alcoholism. We also gave counseling to school and college students as well as their parents. The feed back is amazing."

Ambulance Service

"We have got a well equipped ambulance from People and Government of Japan. This caters to the needs of people belonging to Vellanad, Poovachal and Aryanad Panchayaths."


"We are publishing a News letter from our centre “Thazhvarasabdam”.


The treatment is a residential, therapeutic programme for a duration of 31 days. The programme does not end up with the 31 days in house treatment. We constantly follow-up the patients for 3 years to ensure their continued sobriety.

The treatment goes through different phases -

  • Controlling withdrawal symptoms.

  • Individual, family and group counseling provided to patients, families and friends.

  • Educational session is also included which convey the negative impact of alcoholism and drug abuse in life.

  • Applying recovery measures which enable the patients to lead a better drug free life.

  • Indoor outdoor games, Yoga, meditation and prayer are arranged as a part of the treatment for overcoming abstinence based problems.

Follow Up -

Regular follow up is an important part of treatment. Patients are advised to come to the centre once in a month.

If they make a delay, counselors contact them through telephone, letters and house visits. We conduct medical camp for better follow up.

Family Get Together -

Family get togethers are conducted by us twice in a year with the gap of 6 months. Many eminent personalities inaugurate each function with the participation of well known professionals.

Around 800 ex-addicts attend each function. The hospital team always keep in touch with ex-addicts. It helps to maintain regular follow up.

Facilities offered at the Dale View IRCA

  • Detoxification unit.
  • Emergency ward.
  • General wards.
  • Special Rooms.
  • Therapy centre.
  • Counseling units.
  • Recreation centre.
  • Stay room for female and male bystanders.
  • Canteen.
  • Ambulance Service