The Daleview Group of Institutions

1.The Dale View Main Office

Tel.No- 0472 2882163

2.The Dale View Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (Thanal)

Tel.No- 0472 2882063
0472 2884939
Mob- 09746821175,09809907030
Email ID-

3.The Dale View College of Pharmacy and Research Centre

Tel.No- 0472 2853763
Email ID-

4.The Dale View College of Paramedical Sciences

Tel.No- 0472 2882163

5.The Dale View English Medium School, Kattakada

Tel.No- 0471 2293306

6.The Dale View School, Punalal

Tel.No- 0472 2883356


Tel.No- 0472 2882163
Email ID-

Contact Information

Our Contact Address
Phone No: 0472 2882063
0472 2884939
The Director, DaleView IRCA, Punalal.P.O., Poovachal (via)Trivandrum, Kerala, India

How to reach DaleView IRCA?

DVIRCA is 23 km from Trivandrum Central Railway Station
  • 5 km from Vellanad
  • 8 km from Kattakada
  • 15 km from Nedumangad
  • 4 km from Aryanad
(There is direct bus to Punalal from Trivandrum City Bus stand, Nedumangad, Vallanad, Aryanad and Kattakada Bus stations.)

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Map of DaleView IRCA